71 Senators Reject States’ Rights to Label GMOs

“I’m posting this for information purposes only.  There was a vote regarding labeling or not labeling Genetically Modified food or GMO’s.  71 Senators voted against your right to know if the food you’re eating has been Genetically Changed in any way – see the list below. 

Did they vote the way you wanted?  I personally would like to know what I’m eating…..how about you?” ~Denise

When 71 Senators ignore 90 percent of their constituents, we are losing out. When 71 Senators ignore the science that says, at the least, Genetically Engineered food should be adequately tested and labeled and at the most, it should be banned, we are losing out. When 71 Senators are willing to trample on the Constitution that guarantees states’ rights to protect the health and safety of their citizens, we are losing out.
It’s time for the 71 Senators who voted against the Sanders Amendment to start voting with the citizens who pay their salaries, not the lobbyists who fill their campaign coffers. If they don’t? It’s time for us to demand that they leave. And vote, or throw, them out if they refuse.

The 71 Senators (and their States) Who Voted Against Your Right to Know:

Alexander (R-TN)   Ayotte (R-NH)   Baldwin (D-WI)   Barrasso (R-WY)   Baucus (D-MT)   Blunt (R-MO)   Boozman (R-AR)   Brown (D-OH)   Burr (R-NC)   Carper (D-DE)   Casey (D-PA)   Chambliss (R-GA)   Coats (R-IN)   Coburn (R-OK)   Cochran (R-MS)   Collins (R-ME)   Coons (D-DE)   Corker (R-TN)   Cornyn (R-TX)   Cowan (D-MA)   Crapo (R-ID)   Cruz (R-TX)   Donnelly (D-IN)   Durbin (D-IL)   Enzi (R-WY)   Fischer (R-NE)   Franken (D-MN)   Gillibrand (D-NY)   Graham (R-SC)   Grassley (R-IA)   Hagan (D-NC)   Harkin (D-IA)   Hatch (R-UT)   Heitkamp (D-ND)   Heller (R-NV)   Hoeven (R-ND)   Inhofe (R-OK)   Isakson (R-GA)   Johanns (R-NE)   Johnson (D-SD)   Johnson (R-WI)   Kaine (D-VA)   Kirk (R-IL)   Klobuchar (D-MN)   Landrieu (D-LA)   Lee (R-UT)   Levin (D-MI)   McCain (R-AZ)   McCaskill (D-MO)   McConnell (R-KY)   Menendez (D-NJ)   Moran (R-KS)   Nelson (D-FL)   Paul (R-KY)   Portman (R-OH)   Pryor (D-AR)   Risch (R-ID)   Roberts (R-KS)   Rubio (R-FL)   Scott (R-SC)   Sessions (R-AL)   Shaheen (D-NH)   Shelby (R-AL)   Stabenow (D-MI)   Thune (R-SD)   Toomey (R-PA)   Udall (D-CO)   Vitter (R-LA)   Warner (D-VA)   Warren (D-MA)   Wicker (R-MS)

For Full report see: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_27635.cfm

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