A Visit to the Farm – Proffitt Farm, Kings Mountain, NC

Steve Proffitt and visitors on the farm

As a Nutritionist I look for local food sources. It is important to seek out the highest nutrition content in our food so I support local buying – we need to know the source of our food and how it is raised!

Recently I went to Kings Mountain, NC to tour the Proffitt Family Farms.

They had an “open house” on the farm last Friday…..a much better way to spend Black Friday then fighting mall crowds. The weather was beautiful and so were the rolling hills of Proffitt Farm. There was fishing in the big pond, petting the horses and a tour of the cattle fields. Owner, Steve Proffitt was our tour guide and explained their family and farm history and cattle facts.
The farm follows strict grazing rotation for their cattle and use no pesticides nor chemicals on their grazing fields.
Proffitt states “we raise our beef this alternative way because it’s what’s best for the land, most natural for the animals, and creates a healthy product for consumers and our family”.

They have over 200 steers, heifers and cows and their cattle gets no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Their ferocious dog ‘Doyle’ was on guard…..well, mostly she wanted her belly scratched. The true story is that she is better than any alarm system; she’s excellent protection as she guards the farm all night long with a watchful eye.

The Guard Dog - Doyle


If you are looking for grass-fed beef – you’ve found the place. Visit www.proffittfarms.com to find more detailed information and to place orders.
You can also call them at 704-751-6455.
Support your local farmers and KNOW where your food comes from!  Buy Local!

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