About Naturally Nourishing

Denise NN Welcome pic“Welcome to the Naturally Nourishing website where you will learn all things healthful. From the art of cooking deliciously natural, preserving food, cooking to achieve maximum nutrient retention, healing recipes -all in the effort to experience whole health.  Each week we’ll have exciting new additions to increase our chances of optimal health – physically, emotionally, spiritually.  My prayer is that God will bless us all, as we strive to take care of these magnificent gifts we were given – our body, mind and spirit.” ~ Denise 

Denise Kennedy is a Nutritionist and Certified Natural Chef, she resides outside Charlotte, NC.   She is also a Certified Body Ecologist and the owner and founder of Naturally Nourishing, Inc, a wellness company dedicated to helping people take steps toward whole health in all facets of their lives… body, mind and spirit.

She makes and sells fabulous Cultured Vegetables and considers her Cultured Vegetables therapeutic art, as it is truly a labor of love that she offers these wonderful healing foods.

Denise understands well that a healthy mindset is just as important as a healthy diet and that prayer and meditation are just as important as exercise.  Balance is imperative for true whole health and she has learned from personal experience it’s not only what we put in our bodies but what we remove that helps us heal (unforgiveness and anger can be just as damaging as eating a bag of chips).   As a Nutritionist, Denise offers one on one Nutritional Counseling by phone or in person.  She also holds several types of health events in her home; all include healing foods prepared with loving hands.  As a Certified Natural Chef, Denise offers fabulous foods which enhances and compliments her nutritional background.

Passionate about helping people reach their next level of health, Denise gives inspiring and engaging presentations.  As an educator and public speaker she has enthralled audiences in many venues across the country addressing such groups as Women’s Conferences, Church Groups, Health Food Stores,  and School Assemblies.  She has a full biography available upon request.

Denise’s desire to teach and train people “back to basics cooking techniques” are available through her weekend health retreats.

Contact us for more information on Denise’s scheduled events and availability in the Charlotte, NC area.   561-601-1520