Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Ones You Love!

Love comes in many shapes and sizes and there is no “one size fits all when it comes to giving and receiving it. Valentine’s Day has always been the day set aside for couples to recognize their love for one another. Today, everyone seems to be joining in on the share the love momentum! Here are a few ideas below to celebrate V-day with ALL the loves in your life!

Go on an Outdoor Adventure
Quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts to give and receive. Look for family fun things to do together like going to the Ice Skating or Roller rink. Hiking or horseback riding are also wonderful ways to enjoy fresh air. An awesome cure for cabin fever, and think about all the calories you’ll be burning!

Pay It Forward
This year instead of exchanging gifts, give to others. Giving back is a healthy habit that can boost your mood and help beat stress. Donate your time to a local nonprofit organizations such as animal shelters, elder care centers or homeless food kitchens. They will surely feel the love.

Gift Certificate for a Couple’s Massage
Giving a Gift Certificate for a relaxing massage is a special way to treat your loved one to sixty (uninterrupted) minutes of quality time together. What a great way to re-connect again after the busy holidays have zapped your energy! This wonderful gift will Zap your stress!

Write Secret Cupid Notes
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Write love notes to each family member about why they are special to you and the reasons you love. If you have a large family, put everyone’s names in a hat and whoever each person chooses, they must secretly write for that person!

Prepare a Romantic Candlelit Dinner at Home
If you’ve ever made dinner reservations for Valentine’s day, you must be aware of the enormous cost compared to eating the same meal one week earlier. Cooking at home is an excellent way to save money and control what goes into your food. Impress them with your cooking skills by using only natural, organic and healthy ingredients. Encourage him/her to join you in the preparation of the meal to really spice things up!

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