DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated American holidays because people of all religions can participate. It is also a time of savoring the beauty of the fall and the perfect reason to create warm and inviting décor for your home. You can start by making DIY Thanksgiving decorations for every nook in the house – from your front door to the dining table. Celebrate this beautiful season and be grateful for everything life and nature have given you in the last year.

You can use fruits and vegetables as centerpiece on the holiday table. Use pumpkins, gourds and apples as vessels for your bounty. Fill glass candleholders with Indian corn and acorns to create a bright and cozy atmosphere. Ask the kids to raid the leaf pile to collect colorful autumn leaves for decorations and centerpieces. You can add live flowers and plants that will harmoniously fit into the festive decorations colors of red, orange and yellow.

Below are a few photo ideas to help you get started. Do you have a favorite centerpiece or Thanksgiving decoration you would like to share with us? Visit us our Facebook page and post a photo.

DIY Thanksgiving Kids Table


Fall-Basket-filled-with-leaves from the dollar store

Dollar Store Basket Decoration

diy thanksgiving centerpiece mini gourds pinecones tray

Fall Centerpiece


diy thanksgiving table decorations apples place cards

Apple Place Cards






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