Fall in Love With Pomegranates

You may end up with red stained fingers from eating a pomegranate, but this antioxidant-rich fruit deserves a place in your fall diet. Known for their tart flavor and juiciness, the edible seeds are nutritious and delicious alone as a snack or in any recipe you like.

Health Benefits

1. High in Fiber – Pomegranates are surprisingly high in fiber, which is one of the most important nutrients for weight loss and overall health. Because high-fiber foods keep your body satisfied for longer, it is less likely that you will overeat, because you are full.

2. Immunity Booster – To prevent sickness, vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins you need he seeds from one pomegranate account for nearly 40 percent of your vitamin C for the day.

3. Healthy Heart Support – If eating the right foods for your heart is a concern, you will be happy to learn that pomegranate seeds are great for a few reasons. They lower cholesterol; they help to lower high blood pressure and they help heart blockages dissolve faster.

Add to Your Diet

1. Drink the Juice. Although eating the seeds of the pomegranate is the best way to process its nutrients, the juice contains many helpful benefits, not to mention the taste!

2. Sprinkle on Breakfast. Pomegranate seeds go great with almost any fruit and berry! Be sure to enjoy their yummy tartness with your breakfast! They are especially delicious sprinkled on a cup of oatmeal, quinoa, or Greek yogurt.

3. Top your Veggies. Kick your vegetable recipe up a notch with fresh pomegranate seeds. They are especially delicious on roasted Brussels sprouts and Cauliflower, but you can add them to any veggie you like. Be creative and enjoy!

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