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I am always scouting for locally grown food – farms and farm markets are some of my favorite places to visit. As a Nutritionist and Natural Chef it is important to me to know the source of the food I’m eating and serving to my family. A picture is worth a 1000 words – see the happy cows and pigs at one of our own local farms.

Welcome to the Watson Family Farm located right outside Rock Hill, SC.

lovely rolling hills at Watson Farms

I recently toured the farm where they raise grassfed free range cattle and have just recently added pastured pigs. They take the ‘natural’ raising of their animals very seriously. There are no growth hormones, antibiotics, no animal by-products and no grain given to the animals and no pesticides used in their grazing fields. You can see from the pictures beautiful rolling hills for open range grazing. They use sustainable practices throughout the farm including field rotation for the cattle. As the pictures show, it is quite peaceful to see the rolling hills at sunset with cows grazing in the far off fields.


Matt Watson is one of the owners and a 3rd generation farmer.  He took me to one of the far pastures – the cows were busy grazing and not paying any attention to us nosey humans.   I started taking pictures and the cows headed straight for the camera….. they are such ‘hams’!   Maybe they want to be in the mooovies.

Matt and his wife, Kelly

The cows came close up for pictures but I hid behind Matt for protection….in case they weren’t happy with how the photos made them look.  I didn’t want them to be in a bad moooood.        Okay, that’s all the cow jokes – I’m udderly done.

Watson Farms uses a small butchering facility with whom they have a long standing, open and trusted relationship.  This is also very important when it comes to our animal food sources – there must be integrity in the end of life process just as there must be a humane and nature-bound daily living process.

If you would like to have naturally raised beef and pork, you can feel confident when purchasing from Watson Farms.  Call 803-385-1914 or email Matt at:

See more detailed farm information at their website:


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