Garden Frenemies

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 Friends on your plate, Enemies in the garden  . . .  Garden Frenemies

Some foods taste amazing when combined . . . after they leave the garden that is. Whether you have a large garden or a few pots growing on your porch, there are some plants you should not grow together. garden-pallet-plants

Non-Compatible Garden Mates

  • Beans with Beetroot, Onions, Fennel or Chives.

  • Cabbage with Grapes, Onions, Rue or Tomatoes.

  • Carrots with Anise, Dill, Wormwood.

  • Fennel with Coriander, Beans or Peppers.

  • Potatoes with Apricots or Onions.

  • Rue with Basil, Cabbage or Sage.

  • Tomatoes with Red Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Sweetcorn, Beetroot, Dill or Apricots.

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