Greek Yogurt ‘Taste Testers’ Choice

I am a member of online Cooks Illustrated, I love how they provide reviews from their taste testers and equipment testers. I always check their reviews before I purchase a kitchen tool or small appliance and I love to read their food choices after taste testing. In this case here is their taste testers opinion on Greek Yogurt.
From Cooks Illustrated OnLine: Low-fat Greek yogurt can be a nice compromise between the über-rich full-fat version and the leaner nonfat style. We sampled four brands of plain, unflavored low-fat (2%) Greek yogurt, comparing them in blind tastings straight from the container and mixed with cucumbers, garlic, and herbs in our recipe for tzatziki sauce. While all four brands received “recommended” scores from our tasters, our favorite was “super-creamy” with “great dairy flavor” in both applications. Other brands fell short for being slightly too tangy or even sour and sharp. (Note: For comparison, fat and protein levels are shown for a 6-ounce serving.)
#1 Fage Total 2% Greek Plain (this happens to be my favorite, as well)
#2 Chobani Greek Lowfat Plain 2%
#3 Olympus Traditional Greek Lowfat 2% Plain
#4 Voskos Greek Plain Lowfat 2%

Have you tried them all? Which is your favorite?


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