It may not feel like it, but Spring of 2014 began TODAY! This was a particularly cold and snowy winter and we think we speak for many when we say, YAY!” Soon flowers will be popping up (sometimes through snow) and it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to summer! (Louder YAY!)



Spring cleaning your garden is just as important as cleaning your home. Here are 5 great tips to get your garden, yard, and flower beds ready for the season.

1. Clear beds of leaves and branches that may have accumulated during winter.

2. Edge beds and put down a fresh thin  layer of mulch.  It is important to only put a thin layer to allow plants to breathe and grow.

3. Start seeds indoors. Purchase Spring/Summer bulbs.  Start in pots if  you want a jump on the growing time (yes please).  Keep indoors until danger of frost is gone.  (In Zone 7- Mid Atlantic, usually May 1st is a safe bet)

4. Empty containers of dead plants and roots.  Replace soil if needed.  Scrub empty pots and add fresh potting soil and nutrients.  Adding a time released fertilizer is quick and easy.

5. Sharpen and clean gardening tools.

Resource: StylishPatina.com

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