Having Surgery? Help your Body with a Supplement Recovery Plan

Have you had surgery recently or going to have it?  Well approximately 8 weeks ago I had Rotator Cuff surgery.  Has anyone else had this experience?  The real reason I want to write this article is that I was determined to give my body the best possible advantage for recovery.  We’ve all heard the nightmares that can be brought on by surgery, heavy medication, anesthesia, etc.  Surgical trauma plays havoc with the digestive tract and can cause upset stomach, constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea, yeast infections and a host of other problems.   Surgery can cause an excess of free radicals along with a compromised immune system but don’t despair –there’s help out there.

I did extensive nutritional research for healing after surgery and there’s quite a bit on the web so  I put together this “AFTER SURGERY SUPPLEMENT PLAN”.   I wanted to set myself up for the best possible circumstance for repair.  This may offer some ideas for you but of course there is no guarantee – everyone’s body reacts differently.  I was very pleased with the results, I didn’t suffer with any of the major issues that could have been.  (I did have an upset stomach as I awakened out of anesthesia and one other minor issue I’ll go into later)

Here is what I put together for my ‘after surgery supplement recovery plan’:

Probiotic 150Billion (Renew Life) 1/daily for 4 weeks  I wanted a good balance of lactobacillus and bifido strains for both large and small colon.    A probiotic can help protect from digestive upsets and build immunity

Vit C 1000mg 3x daily for 2-4 weeks after surgery  Vit C can help body adapt from surgical stress – after all it’s a shock to the system.

It can speed healing time and is foundational for the production of collagen (a protein

used by the body for joint and cellular repair)

Liver Support – Critical Liver (Renew Life) dose as directed on box /daily

Among others, Milk thistle is a key ingredient in this liver support product.  This herb helps protect and                 support the liver which can be extremely overburdened because of  surgery stress, general anesthesia and                 other medications

Zinc Picolinate – 30-50mg 2 weeks before surgery and 2-4 weeks after

Zinc is critical to wound healing and boosting immunity.  Surgery or other trauma can

Reduce zinc levels in the body

Vit B6 250mg 2x/daily for at least a week after surgery

B6 helps reduce fluid retention that is common after surgery – swelling of the face, feet, hands, etc

Omega 3 Fish Oil – 3000mg  (Nordic Naturals) for 2 weeks after surgery

Fish Oil helps fight inflammation and pain, helps support the nervous system and can help stave off                               depression which can sometime accompany trauma such as surgery

Digestive enzyme (Critical Care DigestSmart by Renew Life)

Helps digestion and aids the liver

Arnica 30C – one pellet 5 times a day

Homeopathic remedy that helps with pain & inflammation

CoQ10 -100-200mg per day for at least 4 weeks after surgery

Your body mfgs and uses CoQ10 for energy to help in cellular repair and maintenance which is desperately                    needed after surgery.

Hi level B Complex for stress

Among many benefits of the B family it is mood boosting- surgery can be very stressful!

Vit D3 – 4000 IU daily for 2-3 weeks after surgery

Vit D is known for its contribution to bone health and helps in absorption of minerals.                  Reports show                a tendency toward Vit D deficiency in people today in general – I felt it was extremely important for me                        having surgery on my AC joint

Last but not least – WATER!  Don’t underestimate the power of good clean water flushing out your system of all the toxins from surgery.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Water Is Part of Recovery

Water Is Part of Recovery

Of course this supplement list has not been prescribed by a physician but it was simply the formula I felt was important for recovery for me.  Maybe it will help inspire someone else who might be going through a trauma.

Health & Blessings, Denise

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