Health Presentation at Earth Fare Rescheduled for this Saturday 11/19/11

‘8 Ways to Eat Healthy During the Holidays’

Do the upcoming holidays bring a mixture of excitement and dread?  Excitement because there are so many fun activities and visits with friends!  But then there’s the other side –    the food!  Yes, here come the holidays and all the food choices!       I’m sure we’ve all heard of the “normal” and “expected” weight gain during the holidays, the upset stomachs, the sugar overloads.      Let’s take the nightmare out of holiday dreams!     I’ll go over 8 ways (plus some bonus ideas) to help you make good food decisions through the next 8 weeks……8 Ways through 8 Weeks.

Join me and be prepared – to be prepared for the Holidays!
See you there!

EarthFare, 725 Cherry Rd.  Rock Hill, SC

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