Homemade Winter Emergency Kit

Winter is a time of year when the weather can be both unpredictable and very dangerous if you are not prepared. When it comes to an emergency, most people are prone to thinking that it will not happen to them . . . sometimes Mother Nature has other plans!

Putting together your own emergency kit to keep in your may only take an hour of your time but, if your car breaks down, it could mean the difference between surviving freezing temperatures or facing the cold with nothing!

A Few Ideas to Put in Your Kit

Fleece blankets – This will effectively trap heat and maintain your body temperature
High protein food – Protein bars, packaged nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, etc., will keep you nourished and are portable enough to carry with you if you must vacate your vehicle
1 Gallon Purified Water – If there is no snow or ice nearby, this will help keep you hydrated.
Portable shovel – helpful for digging out of snow, making fire pits, protection from predators
Lighters – FIRE! Since humans first discovered fire, they have kept warm, cooked food, turned ice to water, sterilized water, etc., etc., etc., . . .

Last but not least, a good First Aid Kit!

Safe Travels Everyone!



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