How To Lose More Weight and Belly Fat While Walking

It’s common knowledge that you can lose weight by walking for exercise. With a few simple tweaks to your walking routine, however, you can increase the amount of fat and weight you lose while you walk.

Slow down. New research shows that intense aerobic exercise actually causes your body to release hormones that increase appetite and raise stress hormone levels. This causes your body to store fat, which makes it impossible to lose weight.

Instead, take slow walks. Not only will this prevent the harmful hormones from flooding your system, it will also allow your muscles to work harder. Walking fast allows you to rely on momentum, but walking slow requires you to engage all of your muscles for each step. Researchers say that this muscle-engaging exercise without the release of stress hormones will cause your body to lose visceral deep belly fat first.

Break up your walks each day. Because your metabolism gets a kick every time your body goes from rest to working, it actually benefits your weight loss plan to break up your walking work out into two or three shorter walks each day.

Bend those knees. Most people walk with a normal straight-legged gait when walking for exercise. While this is fine, you can improve muscle tone and boost weight loss by making a small adjustment. Bend your knees with each step, to engage your quadricep and gluteus muscles. Muscle mass increases metabolism, so this small adjustment to your walk will help you lose more weight by increasing your at-rest metabolism.

From and by Wendy Bumgardner, Guide, Updated June 04, 2012

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