Is Your Diet and Exercise Routine Your Friend or Foe?

What do you fuel your body with? Maybe it’s time to take a look and make a few changes. Food can be the best medicine, however it can also make you very sick. Every time you eat or drink something, you’re either feeding the good cells or destroying them, so choose wisely. Exercise keeps everything moving. There’s a saying that says. “a body at rest tends to stay at rest”. It’s true! Even a small amount of exercise is helping your body. Research has shown for years that both diet and exercise play a huge role in your moods. Women are especially prone to hormonal changes and the food they choose to consume can greatly effect how they feel. It’s good to pay attention to how you feel or think after eating. Take notes for 1 month and compare your emotions and feelings with foods that may have triggered them. This is information which is extremely helpful and when we know better, we do better and we FEEL better!


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