Keep The Squirrels Out of Your Birdfeeders

squirrels-mug-shotLet’s face it. If you have squirrels in your area, chances are they will assume EVERYTHING you put out is for them. It is a conspiracy of nature! They don’t know the difference between your so called bird feeder and the squirrel feeder you want them to use. Bottom line is they will choose to feed where their favorite food is or on the feeder that is most comfortable for their chubby little butts!! Squirrels can be cute and fun to watch until they dominate or even destroy one of your bird feeders! Don’t despair and don’t lose sleep over these tree rats! Here’s some tips on living with these mischievous critters. You have two choices; you can beat ’em or join ’em:

We prefer to join ’em.

1. Research has shown that squirrels are very territorial. When fed continuously away from your bird feeders, they will mark the area as their own and protect it from other squirrels entering the area. A good motto to keep in mind is: A WELL FED SQUIRREL IS A HAPPY SQUIRREL!! Their favorite foods are whole raw peanuts, sunflower seed or whole or cracked corn. In that order! Don’t expect them to eat that corn if you have some plump peanuts or sunflowers lying around! Throw these favorite foods into a hanging platform feeder (platform feeders give them plenty of room to sit!) or a specialized squirrel feeder.

2. Mix hot pepper seeds(capcasin) into bird seed. About 3 tbs of hot pepper seeds with a 5 pound bag of bird seed. It is a non-toxic ingredient and will not harm or kill birds. It will not lower body temperature and will not freeze birds in cold climates. Pepper seeds are disseminated naturally by birds eating these seeds in the wild. The only negative might be the use of powdered hot pepper. This powdered form is not natural to birds and if wind-blown could cause temporary discomfort to the eyes due to nerves about the mucous membrane. An alternative would be the use of crushed hot pepper flakes, hot pepper seeds, hot peppercorns (whole or cracked) or coarsely ground hot pepper.


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