Learning About Lemons

Lemons, a small fruit in the citrus family, contain many nutrients. If you live in a temperate or tropical climate, you may be able to grow your own. Otherwise, shop for plump lemons with no dark spots. Store them in the refrigerator, or freeze the freshly squeezed juice for later consumption of the lemon’s many nutrients.

The lemon’s history is directly tied in with nutrition. Arab traders introduced the lemon to Europeans in the 12th century. The citrus fruit quickly caught on as a staple of long sea voyages. Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, a bane of sailors, who lost many a tooth to the disease. Christopher Columbus brought the lemon to the New World in 1493 when he arrived in Haiti. Lemons soon after were considered so vital that an English ordinance required all trade vessels and warships to carry a supply.

Thanks to livestrong.com, Sunkist.com and Nutrition and You for this information.

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