Luxurious Homemade Body Scrub

 It become more important as we age to exfoliate. You could treat yourself to an all over body scrub for a mere $100-$300 at your local spa. Or you can spend $25-$100 on a fancy name brand body scrub and do it yourself at home.  But why spend all that money when you can make a homemade body scrub out of basic ingredients yourself? All you need is salt or sugar and oil. It’s so gentle, you can use it on your face.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 10 minutes

Here’s How:

  1. For this body scrub, you can use salt or sugar. Sugar can be gentler on the skin. Just make sure to choose a sugar or salt that has small granules that won’t tear at skin. A basic table salt or sugar works wonderfully. If you have super sensitive skin, you might opt for a dark brown sugar.
  2. Choose an oil. You can use any of the following: organic extra virgin coconut oil (Our top pick, buy at a health food store), almond oil, safflower, vegetable.
  3. Mix 1 part oil to 2 parts sugar or salt. Place anywhere from a few tablespoons to a cup of salt or sugar in a container. Place half that amount of oil. Mix with a spoon. Don’t freak out if the salt settles to the bottom. It’s virtually impossible to keep it mixed.
  4. If you want your scrub to smell divine, put 5 drops of an essential oil into your mixture. Mix with spoon.

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