Make Your Own Skin Santizer

With the holiday season on the horizon, germ counts are exploding everywhere. The flu, colds, and all the other winter sicknesses, are the side effects. Take matters into your own hands (pun intended), **and get the kids, or your friends together, to make your own skin sanitizer.  Simply take small, leak-proof bottles (travel size containers with flip tops are perfect and they come in lots of colors!), and fill them with the mixture below.

1/4 cup (4 Tbs.)aloe vera gel (if you have an aloe plant, even better!)

3/4 cup pure grain alcohol (such as ever clear)

40 drops lavender essential oil.(We love MRH!)

Essential Oils – Mountain Rose Herbs

*Shake really well before each use.

**We would Love to see your photos! Post them in the ‘comments’ below, or email them to with your name & your location (city or state or country, etc.).**

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