My Homemade Organic Candle

Last fall we posted the instructions to make a candle from a real orange. It was originally published by Homesteading/Survivalism. We also posted another version on our Facebook page with cloves. I forgot about the cloves and wish I’d thought of them when I was making my own … definitely next time!

Now that I’m a little more settled from my recent move, I decided to finally give this idea a try. Guess what? It really works!!  Here are pictures to prove it too. It burned for an hour before I blew it out. I’m sure you could use any fruit (lemon, lime) or vegetable (bell pepper),  with some sort of rind that will burn slowly in the oil you add. I used olive oil in mine.

First Photo

Remove Orange Pulp

Remove Orange Pulp


I cut an orange in half and then cleaned it out so it’s fairly empty, while being extra careful with the center piece of rind, which will become the wick.



Second Photo

Add Oil

Add Oil


Then I placed it on a plate and filled it with the oil.

Be careful not to overfill it and make sure the wick sticks up above the oil by 1/4 inch.



Third Photo 

Light the "Wick"

Light the “Wick”


Finally, I lit the wick (the little middle rind).

Voila! It really works! … Your Turn!


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