Natural Homecleaning Solution

We LOVE all natural, homemade things that save money and do a great job at the same time. This recipe is just that! The ingredients are inexpensive and the solution will clean everything in your home!

2 cups 3% hydrogen peroxide
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 cup water (distilled if possible)
7 drops lemon essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a pitcher and pour into a spray bottle for cleaning!

Photo: Natural Home Cleaning Solution</p>
<p>Ingredients<br />
2 cups 3% hydrogen peroxide (dilute pure 25% H2O2 with water)<br />
1 tbsp lemon juice<br />
1 cup water<br />
7 drops lemon essential oil</p>
<p>Simply mix the ingredients and pour into an appropriate spray bottle for cleaning anything naturally around the home!</p>
<p>Pure food grade hydrogen peroxide can be found here:<br /></p>
<p>Lemon essential oil can be found here:<br /></p>
<p>An extremely simple solution to nearly every other chemical cleaning product typically used around the home!<br /><br />

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