Naturally Nourishing Weight Loss Health Initiative

Denise Kennedy is a Nutritionist, Certified Natural Chef and a Certified Body Ecologist. She is the owner and founder of Naturally Nourishing Inc., a wellness company dedicated to helping people take steps toward whole health in all facets of their lives … body, mind and spirit.

Denise makes fabulous Cultured Vegetables and considers her Jars of Vegetables therapeutic art, as it is truly a labor of love that she offers these wonderful healing foods.

                                         The Weight Loss Health Initiative      

Workshop 1 – October 4 – November 8 2014 —– Workshop 2 January 10 – February 14


Our workshop will address several health challenges with a focus on a Healthy Gut.

Why are we focusing on a healthy gut? For these reasons and many more

   Did You Know?

  • 80-90% of your Immune building begins in the gut
  • Your health and how you feel are the outward signs of what’s going on in your gut
  • Sleep hormones are produced in the gut
  • The gut is where many vitamins are manufactured
  • Feeling foggy brained or suffering with lack of energy?  –  Answers are in the gut
  • If you have gained weight for what seems like “no reason” . . . look at the gut!

Because Naturally Nourishing focuses on Cultured Foods and Healthy Digestion, we believe ‘The Skinny Gut Diet’ book is a great choice to use as a basis for this workshops guidelines.

Brenda Watson’s book offers great insight into internal bacteria, and the role it plays in weight loss, and ultimately our health. Most book stores carry it or you may purchase it at

“For more than 20 years, Brenda Watson, C.N.C., has been helping people achieve vibrant, lasting health through improved digestive function. She is among the foremost authorities in America today on optimum nutrition and digestion, natural detoxification, and herbal internal cleansing.”  From the  SkinngGutDiet  web site.


                                  Space IS Limited! Be sure to call today!

                          Naturally Nourishing Health Initiative Information

Cost: $25/week (Receive 10% discount if you pay for all 6 wks in advance!)

Where: Rock Hill, SC

When: There are two choices for workshops (same information for both workshops):

(Oct 4-Nov 8) Before the holidays begin – get yourself ready to eat smart and not gain weight through the holidays OR

(Jan 10-Feb 14) After the holidays are over – start your New Year right with education and support to achieve your health goals for the year.


Specifics: We will meet once a week on Saturday morning for approx. 1 ½ hrs. Once you sign up, we will send you the location of the meeting in Rock Hill, an agenda for each meeting regarding what you will be learning, what information we will be covering, and what you should bring.

Each applicant will fill out health forms indicating your general health and what your goal is in attending the workshop. You will have homework each week including but not limited to keeping a food journal, tracking emotional eating, assessing outside influences, levels of stress, etc.

 Who should attend? …  Anyone with any of the issues and goals below:

     ~ Want to lose weight

     ~ Have digestive issues

     ~ Have an autoimmune issue

     ~ Want to understand how your inner ecology relates to health and weight loss

     ~ Want to know more about fermentation

      ~ Want to start incorporating cultured foods in their diet

     ~ Value education in the health and wellness arena

     ~ Want a small group-learning environment

     ~ Want encouragement and accountability

        You will enjoy a ‘hands-on’ experience, making Cultured Vegetables

~ You will go home with a FREE Jar of my Cultured Vegetables!

~ We will be taste sampling different cultured foods ~ YUM!

~ We will discuss menus & recipes to help you achieve your specific health goals

~ We will be looking at our Health; from a ‘wholeness’ standpoint relating to Body, Mind and Spirit ~~


                       We would love to have you join us at either workshop

         Please call 561-601-1520 or email

Remember, both workshops will offer the same information; you have two dates to choose from to accommodate your schedule. All Workshops are on a Saturday for 1 1/2 hours.

This will be an eye-opening workshop and I am confident you will be on your way to living and eating differently!

      If You are Ready to Change in your Life and Optimize your Health – Join Us!

                                This Program Was Created Just for YOU!

Resources : The Skinny Gut Diet – Please note we receive no payment from any and all sales of this book. … We just really like it! ;^)

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