Pay It Forward Friday

We are continuing our PIFF (pay it forward Fri) campaign. We would love to encourage you to commit to one random act of kindness and carry it forward for the rest of the weekend OR Week!

This week we chose a random act that might get you some funny looks. But it will also make you smile from ear to ear! It will cost you a little or a lot, depending on what you choose to pay forward. What is it? . . .

Starbucks Invests Heavily In Drive-Thru MarketPay for someone else’s tab. The next time you pay a toll, tell the toll taker you would like to pay for the person in the car behind you.


Another idea … when you’re in a drive thru, ask the cashier how much the bill is for the car behind you. If you are able to afford it, pay for it! Think about what this could do to someone’s mood and the day they are having! PIFF-pay-toll-photo


Make sure to send a message to the person to pay it forward themselves! You’re seemingly small kind deed, goes much farther than you may realize! So go ahead … Make Someone’s Day!

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