Here we are at Pay It Forward Friday. #PIFF! This week our focus is to allow someone else go in front of you. YOU choose the time and the place when the opportunity arises. If you are in your car, you can let another car in front of you or maybe let those who are walking, to pass in front of your car. What about when we are standing in line? . . . Doesn’t it seem we are always standing or waiting in line somewhere? . . . the bank, grocery, post office, or gas station – what a blessing you will be to someone, when you let him or her move in front of you! Your reward is, feeling good about

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The magic words; “After You” will bring back a sense of old fashioned courtesy, as well as remind people that a noble character is not dead. After you Pay it Forward for someone and let them move in front of you – write and tell us what reaction you received! I am sure you are about to make someone’s day with your kindness! Share this post, so everyone around you will be helping others!


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