Saving the Seeds

  If you planted heirloom seeds this year in your garden and think you are done harvesting now, you are in for a BIG surprise! Save the seeds! Maybe you had a favorite tomato plant and you can’t live without them next summer. Save the seeds

In fact all seeds can be saved . . . IF you know how. <Wink>

Before we move on to how seeds can be saved, we have to know the difference between the types of seeds or plants that you put in your garden in the first place. Below are the types most used.

Organic Seeds –
Organic Seeds are produced without the use of chemicals and toxic fertilizers. They can be hybrid or heirloom but they cannot be genetically modified. If you have heirloom organic seeds you can save them.

Heirloom Seeds –
Heirloom Seeds are seeds that come from plants that have been around for a long time. They are not modified in any way from the original plant. This means you are able to save these seeds because they will grow into the parent plants.

Hybrid Seeds –
Hybrid Seeds are bred to be different than their original plant. Maybe they grow bigger or produce more or are more disease resistant, such as GMO seeds. Whatever the case, hybrid seeds are not able to be saved because they are different from the original plant.

Tomorrow we will teach you how to properly harvest your seeds, dry them and save them for next years garden.

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