SMILE It Forward Friday


Sky-smile-makerI have been running an experiment of sorts.  It’s actually how our Pay It Forward Friday was started.  I am not even “paying” anything, but rather giving … giving a smile. J

I have been focusing on looking people in the eye and smiling.  Doesn’t this sound ridiculously simple?  It is simple!  Yet, oh so powerful! 

No matter where I go – to the grocery, to church, to a deli, to Home Depot or wherever, I walk in with a smile and I look directly at anyone in my path.

The response?  I have had so many people do a “double-take” – look at me twice.

Maybe they sky-double-take-cartoonare thinking “what are you up to?” or maybe they are just having a horrible day and a smile is a welcome change.  Maybe they needed someone to “see” them.  Whatever it is, they are noticing and responding!

You would not believe the conversations that have started because of a simple smile.  I’ve made so many new acquaintances and I cherish this new and exciting and simple connection with all sorts of people I share this planet with.

So many times we have no idea what people are going through – the heaviness they carry, the stress, the burdens – a smile seems to lighten the load (for me and for them).  It is a non-invasive way to let them know someone else notices them.  And isn’t that a wonderful thing when someone acknowledges our existence?  Someone that we don’t “owe” anything, just another human being paying attention – OH the glory of it!


Don’t be afraid to try it this week– it’s a game changer.  Share with us your personal experience; we’d love to hear from you! ~ Denise

The old song is true “when you’re smiling, when you’re smiling – the whole world smiles with you”.

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