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I Feel the Need for Seed!

Spring is just around the corner and it will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to start preparing your garden bed or pots. Turn the soil in your garden, and add more if necessary. You may also sprinkle nutrients such as organic compost, manure and peat moss over the garden […]

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Powerful Lavendar Fights Off Infectious Disease

It may be hard to imagine a pleasantly scented plant such as lavender, is really a fierce natural medicine and an amazing protector. Used for thousands of years, lavender has a reputation of being a significant guardian against some of the most deadly infectious diseases of all time – the great epidemics of plague sweeping […]

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Fall in Love With Pomegranates

You may end up with red stained fingers from eating a pomegranate, but this antioxidant-rich fruit deserves a place in your fall diet. Known for their tart flavor and juiciness, the edible seeds are nutritious and delicious alone as a snack or in any recipe you like. Health Benefits 1. High in Fiber – Pomegranates […]

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Choose Your Chocolate Wisely

Not all chocolate is created equal! Cocoa is a healthy addition to your diet as you can see by the chart below. However, it can also be very UN-healthy for you when sugar and other ingredients such as artificial flavors, milk fat and hydrogenated oils are added. Also, when  cocoa is processed, they very often […]

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Is Moringa The Newest Superfood

Out of the 20 amino acids that our bodies need, to sustain life and health, Moringa contains 18 of them. Moringa powder contains seven times the amount of vitamin C typically found in oranges, four times the amount of vitamin A in carrots, 36 times the amount of magnesium in eggs, 25 times the amount […]

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Naturally Calming Remedies

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adult Americans, making anxiety the most common mental health problem in the United States, according to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. You may have experienced this yourself– your palms are clammy, you become shaky,  you break into a cold sweat and your brain fogs over. When you’re anxious or […]

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Berry Special Summer Fruit

BERRIES! Among summer’s most delicious treats is the abundance of berries! This is the time to take advantage of the super anti-oxidant benefits in blueberries. Fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are an excellent source of fiber, as well as vitamin C. A single cup of berries was found to top the list of all fruits, […]

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Take Care of Your Temple

You have one body. It must last the rest of your life, so take care of it! Thanks to Food Matters

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Black Currant Facts

Incredibly rich in numerous health benefiting phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants, black currants are one of the popular summer season berries. Currants are native to central and northern Europe and Siberia. The berries look like grapes but they are extremely tart. Because of their tartness they are typically used in jellies and jams. You may also find […]

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Healing Herbs and Spice Chart

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