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Foods That Calm Your Nervous System

Modern-day living and all the busy-ness and stress that comes along with it can do a real number on your central nervous system, especially if you are not taking proactive steps to counteract the negative effects on your body. Rather than feed energy and nutrients into your body’s productive systems, an overtaxed nervous system typically […]

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Cashews & Brazil Nuts

Cashews Cashews have more magnesium than almonds. And most of the unsaturated fat in cashews is oleic acid, which is the same fat that’s in heart-healthy olive oil. Nutrition per ounce: •Calories: 160 •Fat: 13 grams (3 s, 8 m, 2 p) •Protein: 4 grams •Other notable nutrients: Cashews contain over 5% of the recommended […]

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