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What Does Soda Do to Your Body?

Written by Staff: Trish McGee For years we’ve been reading about the fact that soda in any form is ‘bad for you’. Have you ever wondered exactly why that is so? Your Brain When you drink soda, your body goes through many changes, especially the brain. The “Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study […]

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Powerful Lavendar Fights Off Infectious Disease

It may be hard to imagine a pleasantly scented plant such as lavender, is really a fierce natural medicine and an amazing protector. Used for thousands of years, lavender has a reputation of being a significant guardian against some of the most deadly infectious diseases of all time – the great epidemics of plague sweeping […]

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is a chance to bring attention to the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Approximately 1 in 8 American women had or have breast cancer, and it ranks number two of the most common forms of cancer in all women. On a more positive note, […]

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The Incredible Benefits of Blueberries

Boost Immune System – Antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, anthocyanin, copper, iron, selenium, and zinc contained in blueberries, help boost the body’s immune system to enable the body to fight against viral and bacterial infections. Neutralize Free Radicals – Blueberries are packed with Anthocyanin, a pigment responsible for the dark […]

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Eating Smart for the Whole Body

  Melon and Citrus for Breasts: Reason why: Melons and oranges are rich in immune-boosting vitamin C, and many studies have indicated that a diet heavy in vitamin C (from food, not supplements) helps prevent breast cancer.       Rhubarb and Bok Choy for Bones Reason why: Bok Choy is an excellent source of calcium, a mineral that’s essential […]

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Cranberry Benefits (Recipe)

Only three fruits – the blueberry, the Concord grape and the cranberry (all power foods) – can trace their roots to North American soil.  The cranberry is versatile. They are commonly consumed during Thanksgiving and Christmas but can, and should, be used every day. Cranberries are a rich source of the flavonoid quercetin which can […]

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The Top 4 Foods to Avoid

You’ve probably heard it before and here it is again, “Americans are overfed and undernourished.”  That means that, as a nation, we are eating plenty of calories but they are doing nothing to nourish our bodies and give us what we need. We are ‘starving’ as a nation and it’s no wonder that we have high […]

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Honey and Cinnamon – Natures Medicine

Pure raw honey is the only food on earth that will never rot. A jar of honey was found in an ancient burial tomb which was 3,000 years old and it was still edible.  However, it will crystallize when left in a cool dark place for awhile. If this happens to your honey jar, simply […]

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Vaccine Compromised With Cancer Virus

We strive to give our readers factual information about achieving optimal health, caring for our environment and frugal homesteading with the very best supplies and ingredients. We don’t often write about politics and we rarely post alarming news without a possible solution or ‘happy ending’. But, when we come across something that needs to be made aware […]

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More Reasons to Eat Fruit

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