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Top 8 Herbal Pain Relievers

You’ve most likely experienced serious pain at some point in your life. Chronic pain in particular, can be debilitating and cause sleepless nights. In the United States alone, 50 to 80 million adults are affected by pain that lasts at least 6 months. Whether chronic or acute, mild or severe, pain can be a symptom […]

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Top 20 Artery-Cleansing Foods: #6 is Salmon or Other Fatty Fish

Fatty fish such as mackerel, herring, tuna, and salmon are chock full of omega-3 fatty acids.  Eating fish twice a week can reduce your risk of developing heart disease by decreasing inflammation and lowering trygliceride levels, and it may even help boost your HDL levels.  Try a heart healthy and delicious salmon recipe for dinner tonight. […]

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