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Are They Really RAW Almonds?

California’s raw almonds are no longer truly raw. The USDA, at the request of the Almond Board of California, has been requiring that raw almonds be treated using a process that the industry generously describes as “pasteurization.” The rule mandates either the gassing of almonds with a toxic fumigant (propylene oxide) or treatment with high-temperature […]

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The Not So Itsy-bitsy Spider!

If I see a spider scurrying around my home, I can’t relax until it’s back outside where it belongs.  Until then,  knowing that something with 8 eyes may still be looking at me from some unknown hiding place! YIKES! That’s when it hit me; the best way not to worry is to keep them from […]

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Homemade Fire Pit From an Old Washing Machine

Backyard fire pits are a popular way to spend a relaxing evening at home. They can be recycled from common materials around the house–even the metal tub from a washing machine. The washing-machine tub or drum makes a delightful and fully functional fire pit; its many drain holes provide good ventilation and produce a pretty […]

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