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Using Rinse Aids in the Dishwasher (continued)

Rinse-aid–the ingredients of which are usually ethanol, citric acid, sodium, dyes and acrylic acid polymers–breaks down the salts in hard water, thereby preventing the adhesion of soap clumps during the rinse cycle, leaving cleaner-looking results (although consuming food and drinks from streaked or spotted dishes and glassware is not a health hazard in its own […]

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Rinse Aids for Your Dishwasher – Good or Bad?

Eating or drinking from streaky dishes and glasses isn’t a health hazard, but most of us prefer our tableware clean and sparkling. So we use rinse aid to prevent things like spotting on glasses. (This is caused by droplets of water drying and leaving behind dissolved limescale minerals.) Here’s a dirty secret about cleaning products: […]

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