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I Feel the Need for Seed!

Spring is just around the corner and it will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to start preparing your garden bed or pots. Turn the soil in your garden, and add more if necessary. You may also sprinkle nutrients such as organic compost, manure and peat moss over the garden […]

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Super-foods That LOVE Your Heart!

Eating for a healthy heart ♥ means consuming the proper amount of fiber, eating fish at least twice a week filling your plate with fruits and vegetables, and limiting unhealthy fats like saturated and Trans fats, as well as too much salt or sodium rich foods. Certain foods have shown to be very beneficial to […]

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4 Square Foot Crop is No Small Potatoes

This 4 square foot box is capable of growing up to 100 pounds of potatoes! Pretty amazing isn’t it?— Vertical gardens are the perfect solution when you have limited space. However, you do not have to have a problem with space to take advantage of the ability to grow a lot of food in a […]

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Cilantro Nut Pesto and Eggplant Chips

If you’re like many American women, Sunday afternoon and Monday night, you can find your husbands (and maybe some friends) watching football. They probably aren’t very concerned about eating healthy. haha! Take the opportunity to replace fat laden potato chips & onion dip, with crispy, salty eggplant chips and refreshing cilantro pesto. These are THAT […]

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Beets Fight Wrinkles!

Thanks to live love fruit

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Powerful Lavendar Fights Off Infectious Disease

It may be hard to imagine a pleasantly scented plant such as lavender, is really a fierce natural medicine and an amazing protector. Used for thousands of years, lavender has a reputation of being a significant guardian against some of the most deadly infectious diseases of all time – the great epidemics of plague sweeping […]

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Colorful and Crispy Autumn Salad

We often associate eating fresh salads as a summer season dish. Don’t overlook the bounty of Fall fruits, vegetables and herbs available to create spectacular salads. Here is one we found at NourishedKitchen.com, and we think you’ll Fall head over heals in love with! (pun intended) CRISPY AUTUMN SALAD Serves 6 to 8 Sweet and […]

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The Coffee Ground Garden

Coffee grounds can be an excellent addition to a compost pile. The grounds are relatively rich in nitrogen, providing bacteria the energy they need to turn organic matter into compost. Coffee ground compost is so good for your garden, it can actually replace manure, organic fertilizers and it repel bugs! Despite what most believe, the […]

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The Best Cancer Fighting Foods

One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote good health and to help  protect against cancer is with your diet. The American Cancer society estimates  that one third of all American cancer deaths might be diet-related. The conclusion is  really pretty simple: kick cancer-loving food to the curb; embrace healthful food. The  foods […]

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Organic vs Conventional

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