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Everyone should have flexible ice packs available for quick injury treatments but at $10-$15 each, making a homemade ice pack is a much better proposition. They are super simple to make, and cost around $1.25 in materials. These homemade ice packs are soft, flexible, and comfortable for icing down body aches and pains. The other […]

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Is Wheatgrass the Fountain of Youth?

You be the judge. Here are some of the superior qualities wheatgrass juice contains. It had us at, “reverses gray hair”. *Check out the wheatgrass juice combinations too! • Greatly increases energy levels when consumed daily. • A beauty treatment that slows down the aging process. Wheatgrass juice will cleanse your blood and help rejuvenate aging […]

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Healthy Benefits of Comfrey

For thousands of years, herbalists have used the perennial herb comfrey, with its thick grey-green leaves and bell-like white pink and mauve flowers, to help speed the healing of broken bones. Which is why it is commonly known by its nickname, “knitbone”. Comfrey salves, ointments and oils are best known for the topical treatment of […]

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