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D’ Sunshine Vitamin

VITAMIN D BENEFITS It is known as the sunshine vitamin, because when human skin is exposed to sunlight, the body responds by producing vitamin D. Just about 15 minutes of sun exposure, yields more than enough for the daily requirement. It is a nutrient found in some foods that is needed for health and to […]

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The Benefits of (Sweet) Lucuma Powder

Have you been craving something sweet, but don’t want to consume unhealthy sugars? Well, we have wonderful news for you! Lucuma powder tastes like a cross between sweet potato and maple ( similar to butterscotch or caramel). In powder form, it’s granulated and resembles brown sugar. Even better, it’s healthy for you since its rich […]

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Probiotics and Your Gut

You may have been hearing a lot about probiotics in the past couple of years. Although it may have become one of the popular buzz words of the health industry right now, using “good bacteria” to balance “bad bacteria” has been around for centuries. These microorganisms help with digestion and offer protection from harmful bacteria, just as […]

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Honey and Cinnamon – Natures Medicine

Pure raw honey is the only food on earth that will never rot. A jar of honey was found in an ancient burial tomb which was 3,000 years old and it was still edible.  However, it will crystallize when left in a cool dark place for awhile. If this happens to your honey jar, simply […]

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More Reasons to Eat Fruit

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Echinacea is a group of wildflowers on which Americans spend more than $300 million a year for its ability to treat the common cold. Several species of echinacea are used, the most common of which are E. purpurea, E. pallida and E. angustifolia. Proponents claim that echinacea stimulates the immune system and prevents and treats […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Grilling – Food on Fire

With the holiday weekend just days away I wanted to give you some grilling tips to make the food you are about to consume just a little healthier.  THE PROBLEM: Grilling meat at high heat produces carcinogenic compounds, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAA) These compounds can undermine the body’s immune […]

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