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Foods to Improve Your Mood

Avocado – Contains many benefits that go along with elevating your spirit. Raw Cocoa – High in Magnesium and triggers the brains production of natural opioid to make you feel good Spinach – Spinach is so nutrient dense, it does wonders for your health and mood. It also helps with prevention of illness. Sunflower Seeds […]

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Cashews & Brazil Nuts

Cashews Cashews have more magnesium than almonds. And most of the unsaturated fat in cashews is oleic acid, which is the same fat that’s in heart-healthy olive oil. Nutrition per ounce: •Calories: 160 •Fat: 13 grams (3 s, 8 m, 2 p) •Protein: 4 grams •Other notable nutrients: Cashews contain over 5% of the recommended […]

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Are You Salt-Smart?

Sodium and chloride are two substances in the composition of salt. They are usually referred to as “sodium chloride” as if they are one single element. Under normal circumstances, sodium chloride is not risky. In fact, it is a nutrient that regulates blood pressure and the volume that flows through your veins. However, quantity and […]

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