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Choose Your Chocolate Wisely

Not all chocolate is created equal! Cocoa is a healthy addition to your diet as you can see by the chart below. However, it can also be very UN-healthy for you when sugar and other ingredients such as artificial flavors, milk fat and hydrogenated oils are added. Also, when  cocoa is processed, they very often […]

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Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring has arrived, with longer days and warmer weather, and a new crop of fresh produce. This is the perfect season to “spring clean” your diet. Out with the heavy fall and winter menu, and in with lighter springtime fruits and veggies. In-season produce reaps the most nutritional value so here’s what to look for […]

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Have You Had Your Shot Today?

  Thanks Juiceupyourlife.tv

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Top Reasons To Drink Lemon Water

Although we often encourage our readers to drink as much pure, filtered water as possible, we often receive complaints about how boring and unappealing it is. We LOVE lemon in our water and here are 7 reasons to add it to yours.  

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Is Your Diet and Exercise Routine Your Friend or Foe?

What do you fuel your body with? Maybe it’s time to take a look and make a few changes. Food can be the best medicine, however it can also make you very sick. Every time you eat or drink something, you’re either feeding the good cells or destroying them, so choose wisely. Exercise keeps everything moving. […]

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How Many Calories Am I Burning?

Have you ever wondered how many calories you actually burn while exercising or doing your day to day activities? Here’s a chart that will take the mystery out of knowing how much you’ve burned from common exercises like running, and from things like housework. Many of us make the mistake of thinking we burn more calories than we […]

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Asparagus Benefits

   Asparagus will be coming into season soon and if you’re trying to drop a few pounds, asparagus are good for weight loss.  Low in cholesterol, and a good source of Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc.  Also an excellent source of dietary fiber.  Follow the tips below for best handling procedures.   When you buy […]

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Smoothie vs Juice

What’s better? … Juice? or Smoothies? The answer is … They are equally nutritious, but the difference is how your body and digestive system processes it. Check out the chart below:

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Eating Out and Eating Right

With so many busy schedules within the family, it’s not always easy to put homemade meals on the table. People are looking for fast, tasty and healthy food. The good news is, just because you are not cooking the food yourself, doesn’t mean your family won’t get the nutrition they need. There are many healthy options, […]

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Relaxing Winter Detox Bath

If it’s freezing outside where you live, a nice warm bath probably sounds great to you! Although if you don’t live in an area where it gets super cold in the winter, a good detox bath is wonderful for releasing and drawing harmful toxins from your body. It opens and cleanses your pores and exfoliates your skin. This […]

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