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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Feeling more tired than usual? Have you noticed you have no energy to enjoy activities with friends and family? You may wish to consider looking into your metabolism. Metabolic rate is calculated by how fast (or slow) your body processes food that becomes energy. If the metabolic rate is slow it leads to accumulation of […]

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So You Think You Can Dance?

The newest group of “Stars” have begun dancing for the coveted Mirror Ball this week! DWTS and  “So You Think You Can Dance?” are just two of the successful Reality TV shows. Most of us love to see other people dance. Millions watch week after week as the contestants go from being amateurs to ballroom […]

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Turmeric Juice ~ Powerful Healing Drink

Yogis and Ayurveda healers have recognized turmeric since ancient times for its many healing properties. Grown mainly in India, the turmeric root is a close cousin to ginger root. Most commonly dried and ground into a fine powder, brilliant gold in color, it is a regular ingredient in traditional Indian recipes (it makes curry yellow). […]

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