The Juicy Benefits of Peaches

Who doesn’t love a ripe, juicy peach on a summer day? Many varieties of fruit peaches are grown, but only an expert can distinguish one from another. These varieties, (available May to November) fall into two general categories: Freestone and Clingstone. Freestones are usually preferred for eating fresh or for freezing, although clingstones are usually used for canning, they are sometimes sold fresh.









Choosing Your Peaches:

As always, we prefer organic, however all peaches still have many benefits. Choose peaches which are fairly firm or becoming a trifle soft. The skin color between the red areas should be yellow or at least creamy. Avoid: Very firm or hard peaches with a distinctly green ground color, which are probably immature and won’t ripen properly. Also avoid very soft fruits which are overripe. Don’t buy peaches with large flattened bruises or peaches with any sign of decay. Decay starts as a pale tan spot which expands in a circle and gradually turns darker in color.

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