The Least Healthy Nuts

There is no “worst nut.” Anything is bad for you when you overindulge — but macadamia nuts and pecans are slightly worse for you because they are higher in calories than other nuts. While they are only about 10 calories per serving higher than some of the other nuts listed above, they are also higher in fat and lower in protein. Ounce for ounce, they just aren’t quite as good as some of the others.

Macadamia Nuts
Nutrition per ounce:
•Calories: 200
•Fat: 22 grams (3.5 s, 17 m, .5 p)
•Protein: 2 grams
•Other notable nutrients: A 1 oz. serving contains 6% of the daily recommended value of iron and over 20% of the recommended value of thiamine.
Approx. Price: $6.14 for 8 oz.

Nutrition per ounce:
•Calories: 200
•Fat: 20 grams (2 s, 12 m, 6 p)
•Protein: 3 grams
•Other notable nutrients: A 1 oz. serving of pecans contains 8% of the recommended daily value of thiamine and 16% of the recommend daily value of copper.
Approx. Price: $6.25 for 8 oz.

Interestingly enough, pecans and macadamia nuts, which both are high in calories and fat (and some of the tastiest nuts in my opinion), are also the most expensive nuts.

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