Using Lemons In Your Diet

It’s easy to add nutritious lemon juice to your diet. Squeeze some into salad dressings or iced tea. Mix it into plain or sparkling water as a no-calorie substitute for soda. You can add lemon juice to marinades or pastry dough. You can also try lemon pickles which are popular in the Middle Eastern countries.

As nutritious as lemons are, they do not solve all health problems. Weight loss myths claim that lemon juice can dissolve fat — both the fat in food and the fat that’s already on the hips. This is wishful thinking. Nor are lemons an aphrodisiac, as Casanova believed.

The acidity of lemons has a few drawbacks. It can be painful for those who have mouth and stomach ulcers. Lemon juice can also erode tooth enamel and irritate the gums. Drinking acidic drinks through a straw lessens contact with the teeth. Drinking lots of water will also dilute the acid. After drinking lemon juice, it’s best to wait an hour before brushing your teeth, instead rinse your mouth with water or consume a dairy product to neutralize the acid.

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