Using Vinegar As A Rinse Aid in Your Dishwasher

Finding homemade cleaning options is both frugal and healthy! We tend to have hard water in our home and in turn we have to use a rinse agent in the dishwasher. But, then again, who doesn’t really? Otherwise you risk the possibility of getting goopey oatmeal stuck to everything in there.

Personally, I always bought the more expensive kind of conventional rinse agent offered (especially since I used to be a plastic jun – I wanted those containers dry). Now, I use only vinegar and I love it. It’s a super cheap option the any store-bought dishwasher rinse aid and works just as well. if you’re not a fan of the smell of vinegar, have no fear! It actually doesn’t smell at all.

How to replace your old rinse agent with vinegar:

Use up all the conventional rinse agent in your dishwasher first.

Unscrew the cap inside your washer and fill with vinegar all the way up to the full line.

Screw cap back in.

Close washer and run – then just keep refilling with vinegar.

So easy you’re thinking “Duh…even I can do that?!” Am I right or what?

By switching to vinegar you’re not using any harsh chemicals that can stay on your dishes and then get transferred to your food. This is probably one of the cheapest/most frugal things I’ve done to keep my home a healthy place to live and it takes absolutely no extra effort.  A few ounces of vinegar literally costs just pennies on the dollar and it lasts just as long as store-bought rinse aids.

If you’ve used vinegar as a rinse aid, what has your experience been?

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